Press Releases

9 July 2018: Thuasne symposium  on precision medicine in the non-pharmacological management of osteoarthritis

Along with Prof. Yves Henrotin of Liège University, three French physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, Prof. Emmanuel Coudeyre, Prof. François Rannou and Dr. Christelle Nguyen, shared their thoughts and work concerning three central issues of osteoarthritis management

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7 December: Thuasne, official supplier of the 2018 EcoTrail® Paris, a nature race open to all to (re)discover the region’s natural and cultural heritage

Regularly present at major sporting events with its brand, Thuasne Sport, the Group has chosen for the first time to work with the 2018 EcoTrail® Paris to take place from 15 to 18 March 2018.

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12 October 2017: “My BACK COACH”, the app that helps you to get your back under control, developed in partnership with healthcare professionals

My BACK COACH is a solution that has been developed in partnership with the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at the Clermont-Ferrand Teaching Hospital, managed by Professor Emmanuel Coudeyre, and with the assistance of a multidisciplinary team of physical and rehabilitation medicine and specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and adapted physical activity trainers, all specialising in back pain.

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23 January 2017: Elizabeth Ducottet welcomed over 500 economic decision-makers, captains of industry, and health experts to celebrate the 170th anniversary of Thuasne Group at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

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4 November 2016: Thuasne, partner in the Vendée Globe

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18 October 2016: Thuasne Group, cutting-edge technology for medical device specialists

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17 October 2016:

Thuasne, partner of the Société Française de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation

Thuasne, member of the Pôle des Technologies Médicales

Thuasne, sponsor of the “Innovation et Handicap”

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14 April 2016: Delphine Hanton becomes Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Thuasne, the European leader in textile medical devices.

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27 January 2016: Quinn Medical, a second acquisition for the Thuasne Group on the American market

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5 January 2016: Thuasne at the Consumer Electronics Show

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9 November 2015: A new logo for a new dynamic

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2 September 2015:

Elizabeth Ducottet sponsoring the new ENSAIT promotion; The ENSAIT forms over 60% of French textile engineers to be the major players of tomorrow’s materials in the most advanced industrial sectors.

16 June 2015: Thuasne is a sponsor of “COMMEUNSEULHOMME”

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11 June 2015, Bercy:

Elizabeth Ducottet opened the meeting of the R3iLab in the great amphitheater of the Ministry of Economy and Finance before 400 business leaders mobilized on the theme of industrial innovation and consumption and production scenarios for 2020.

5 June 2015: Inauguration of Agora Thuasne in Saint-Etienne.

A fifth Thuasne building in Saint-Etienne, an exchange platform for the future of the Group.

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31 March 2015:

Elizabeth Ducottet ensures the inaugural conference of the Week of the Industry, during the Biennale of Saint-Etienne, in the presence of the city Mayor and the Vice-President of the Rhône-Alpes region.

4 April 2014:

Elizabeth Ducottet attended, with the President of the region and the Senator-Mayor of Lyon, the METIS assessment anniversary celebration. The METIS is a program involving four innovative companies (Thuasne, Arjowiggins Sofileta, Hermes), which are leaders in their business sector. The METIS is the equivalent of the OIC Atomic Energy (CEA) in Grenoble for the diffusion of nanotechnologies.

15 October 2013:

Elizabeth Ducottet presented to Aurélie Filippetti, Minister of Culture and Arnaud Montebourg, Minister of Industry, in the Palais de Tokyo, the contribution of the Immaterial Innovation Network for Industry, R3iLab, in favor of a national design policy. This policy was expected by the government following the recommendations of the rapporteur Alain Cadiz, who said that the R3ilab « conducted several experimental operations aspiring to bring entrepreneurs, designers and technologists to unexpected innovations and capitalized experience feedbacks » in many sectors.

12 September 2013:

Elizabeth Ducottet presented to François Hollande, President of the Republic, an industrial plan for innovative and bio sourced textiles, which will promote, alongside the textile regions and the scientific and technical network driven by competitiveness clusters, the emergence of new solutions and new opportunities for future textiles.

“Thanks to you Madam, I shall never see the textile industry as I did before.”

– François Hollande, Elysee Palace.

12 October 2012:

Elizabeth Ducottet, guest of honor to the opening of the European Center for Innovative Textiles, presented before the entire profession and the local elected officials the principles of open innovation in the Thuasne group and the transversality vocation of future innovative textiles.

2011: Thusne acquires Townsend Design

I have the pleasure to announce you that the Group Thuasne has just acquired the Townsend Design company, based to Bakersfield, California, the USA.

Townsend Design is a family-run company based in 1984 by Jeff Townsend, whose activity is the manufacturing and the marketing of a complete range of stiff orthoses of standard or custom-made, aluminum knee, titanium or carbon fiber. Townsend Design possesses numerous patents.

The turnover of Townsend Design is 19 million, realized for 90 % in the United States and for 10 % in the export.
The staff is 130 people.

Townsend Design brings to the Group Thuasne a complete totally complementary, stiff range of orthoses with our own ranges. Townsend Design will become besides, the US platform of the Group Thuasne. 130 jobs of the company Townsend Design will be maintained and the current management team will remain in function.

Thanks to this acquisition, the Turn Over of the group Thuasne should so overtake 150 M€ in 2011 and the part of the Turn Over realized on the international stage should be superior in 42 %.

By realizing this acquisition, the family group Thuasne proves its permanent will and its determination to invest and to develop at the same time in new regions of the world and on complementary ranges in its ranges of origin, in a strategy of sustainability and independence.


Elizabeth Ducottet
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer