Designed and developed in partnership with the medical community, Thuasne’s non-medication therapeutic solutions can be fully integrated into the individualized treatment plan for  each patient.

Thuasne’s products and medical devices have specific characteristics :

  • Non-invasive: External, non-pharmacological devices
  • Contemporary: Tailored to current requirements and expectations
  • Manageable: Patient-friendly to promote compliance and daily use
  • Often Customized: To achieve a better fit and optimized outcomes



Thuasne’s vision is to be a central player in the health ecosystems of countries around the world.

Close contacts with doctors, including specialists and general practitioners who can utilize Thuasne’s therapeutic solutions, helps keep Thuasne permanently tuned in to advances in clinical care. The establishment of scientific committees specific to families of diseases and affiliations with major international scientific societies (vascular diseases, phlebology, lymphology, physical medicine and rehabilitation), facilitate this close relationship.

Understanding the needs of healthcare professionals including the direct caregivers (like nurses), is another constant concern of Thuasne. The therapeutic solutions offered by Thuasne are effective in the context of a fruitful dialogue with those in charge of administering care to the patients.

This concern extends to all health players, such as chiropractors and physical therapists, to whom Thuasne is continually looking to for feedback to drive the development of new solutions.

Finally, Thuasne has always built strong relationships with all the distribution channels for therapeutic solutions. These healthcare professionals are in the closest proximity to the patients and their insights are invaluable in helping Thuasne adapt its solutions to optimize the benefits to the patient.

While respecting the diversity of national situations, Thuasne has managed to develop a successful and long-term partnership with pharmacists (directly or through distributors), orthopedists, orthotists (Orthotics & Prosthetics clinics) and medical equipment stores (Durable Medical Equipment), particularly in English-speaking countries, as well as the Sanitätshäuser in the Germanic countries.

This involvement over time in the teeming health ecosystem is a fundamental factor in the reliability of the medical devices offered by the Thuasne.



Thuasne offers a range of non-medication treatment options and is specialized in several major therapeutic areas including:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and traumatology,
  • Low back pain,
  • Venous disease,
  • Lymphology,
  • The postoperative consequences of breast surgery,
  • Mobility disorders and ageing.

To provide patients and health professionals with proof of “actual medical benefit” (Evidence-Based Medicine, EBM), Thuasne is continuously funding numerous clinical trials for its medical devices.



Thuasne has always been known as an agile company, capable of making the strategic adjustments necessary to adapt to changing medical, social and economic conditions.

Health and medical devices have entered a period of major transformation, which is being accelerated by digital technologies:

  • design and development cycles are becoming shorter, with the contribution of biomechanical simulation;
  • 3D printing is changing production processes, opening up access to new geometries and allowing greater customization;
  • the arrival of connected medical devices is strengthening therapeutic solutions, through the switch from the product to a customized service;
  • digital platforms are beginning to draw together all stakeholders around a clearly identified therapeutic field, with detailed and dynamic content, generated by communities of players.

Thuasne’s development strategy embraces this transformation, by forging alliances with new partners, including innovators and entrepreneurs who have created start-up companies.

By accompanying the individual patient and giving them the tools to be a player in their own health, Thuasne is meeting the challenge of the “qualified self” because health cannot be reduced to an avalanche of numbers and statistics.

Through its innovative and high-tech medical solutions, driven by patients and collaboration with medical professionals, Thuasne is inventing a new sector: #Medweartech.


Today’s patient is an “actient” involved in their own treatment, becoming a key player in their own health.

Thuasne wants to accompany each patient by offering appropriate therapeutic solutions.

Thuasne is actively engaged in the divergent health ecosystems of various countries as a key contributor to the continuum of care throughout a patient’s life.  This requires close relationships with multidisciplinary medical professionals (doctors, nurses, physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists, podiatrists, and community professionals such as pharmacists, orthotists, athletic trainers, etc.).

This allows Thuasne to address major diseases, chronic conditions and injuries as part of a health economy which is progressively and proactively assigning greater importance to prevention, compliance and evidence-based outcomes data.

The digital transformation of Thuasne is an effective springboard for making this vision a reality.