Thuasne Scan

Aimed exclusively at health professionals, Thuasne Scan is a key app for good compliance with compression therapy. In fact, in venous disease, the efficacy of compression and patient compliance are largely dependent on a good fit.

Thuasne Scan guarantees accurate and reproducible measurement of the patient’s legs, whoever is treating the patient. The size and product chosen are therefore perfectly tailored to the patient and to his/her medical needs, morphology and lifestyle.

Thuasne Scan takes digital measures that are precise to the nearest millimetre, with:

  • Measurements with no physical contact via 3D digitization of parts of the body;
  • Direct access to the catalogue in order to dispense the right product, matching the prescription and the patient’s own preferences;
  • Saving of data in order to track morphological changes in the patient.

Access the Thuasne Scan app: