Silima® Shell direct one
Silima® Shell direct one

Silima® Shell direct one

Silima® Shell direct one

  • Secure positioning with just one adhesive strip
  • The ultra-thin adhesive strip unobtrusively sticks to the back of the form
  • The one-piece adhesive strip makes the form even easier to handle and clean and even more secure to wear
  • Symmetric shape that adapts to the natural female form
  • Gently tapering edges for a natural transition
  • Can be held by a well-fitting bra
  • Silima® Shell direct one comes complete with adhesive strip and cleaning accessories. The individual components can be reordered separately


T66 3872


Standard/B 1 – 11

Full/C 3 – 11


Self-adhesive, anatomical, symmetric

Adhesive strips

Size 1: Form sizes 1 and 2

Size 2: Form sizes 3 and 4

Size 3: Form sizes 5 and 6

Size 4: Form sizes 7 and 8

Size 5: Form sizes 9 and 10

Size 6: Form size 11