Action Reliever
Action Reliever
Action Reliever
Action Reliever
Action Reliever

Action Reliever

Off-loading knee brace for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis


Indicated for

  • Symptomatic unicompartimental femorotibial osteoarthritis (mild to moderate).
  • Knee off-loading for post-traumatic, post-operative or degenerative conditions.
  • Knee pain and/or swelling management.

Target patient

  • Patient with mild to moderate pain.
  • Patient with moderate activity


  • Off loading of the injured compartment: 3-point support system thanks to inelastic straps that ensure maximum offloading of the knee in extension
  • Stabilisation of the joint: rigid joint on the injured side and flexible on the healthy side and patellar silicone insert
  • Support and comfort: silicone integrated into the knit and anatomical knitting with comfort areas

Available in medial left / lateral right and medial right / lateral left


Action Reliever - Three Point Pressure System

  • The Action Reliever is an off-loading brace that has been designed to apply corrective forces on the leg to re- (referred to as three point pressure).
  • By helping hold the leg in a normal alignment and maintaining a homogeneous load on the knee joint as a whole, the ActionReliever knee brace will help reduce compression and inflammation. This load reduction is proven to relieve pain.


Dynamic Off-Loading

  • Straps creating a dynamic three point pressure system: most effective on heel strike.
  • Combined rigid adjustable hinge on the affected side and flexible stay on the unaffected side.
  • Self adjustment possible by tightening the front straps.
  • For medial or lateral osteoarthritis.

Ease Of Use

  • Only two steps for fitting.
  • Easy to put on and take off.


  • Anatomically shaped straps, self-oriented and adjustable.
  • Anatomical knitting with no compression areas at popliteal crease and at brace edges.
  • Stays comfortable all day.
  • Slim and discreet under clothing.
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