Mobiderm Technology & Solutions

MOBIDERM is a medical device made up of foam blocks encased between two non-woven bandages.

The MOBIDERM Technology can be used under a reducing bandage (in its bandage or pad forms), or incorporated into mobilizing garments.


The pressure difference created between the blocks on the skin and the surrounding area stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid, optimizing drainage efficacy(1)

Mobiderm mode of action




Mobiderm solutions includes pads and bandages to incorporate into a multi component bandaging. Available in small and big blocks and in multiple dimensions, they will accommodate your various needs.

The Mobiderm Kit simplify the bandaging will all the components of a multi type bandaging into a single box. Available for upper and lower limb, each box includes cotton bandage, short stretch bandage, Mobiderm bandage, long stretch bandage and adhesive bandage.


Mobiderm Technology is also incorporated into various mobilizing garments :

  • Mobiderm Autofit self adjustable is available as armsleeve with mitten, below-knee and thigh-high models
  • Mobiderm Standard is available as mitten, glove and simple armsleeve models
  • Mobiderm made-to-measure patient for patients out of standard sizes and severe lymphedema is available as armsleeve, below-knee and thigh-high models


Several tightening notches

Adaptation to most of patient’s individual limb shape
Adjustment marks: precise and repeatable application,
control of the edema volume variation

Semi open garment
Easy to put on, easy to take off(3)

Velcro fasteners
Easy and quick set up(3)

Double row
Wide adaptation range

Allows right or left leg use

Anti-slip sole
Limits slippage when walking


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