Respect for the environment

In line with its quest for durability and sustainability, Thuasne has long been actively committed to reducing its environmental impact: in 2009, it was awarded the ISO 14001 certification for its Saint Etienne sites.

Thuasne works to ensure its activities are environmentally-friendly in the following areas:

Energy: In 2014, Thuasne was awarded the ISO 50001 certification, reflecting its determination to optimise its energy consumption.

Water: Since 2013, the continuous recycling of cooling water produced from the dyeing operations has cut water consumption, generating annual savings equivalent to the volume of two Olympic swimming pools.

Air: The Group’s industrial sites do not release significant amounts of atmospheric emissions, with levels systematically below the maximum regulatory levels allowed.

Waste: Since 2010, the Group’s industrial sites have reduced their waste production by 40 tons per year.

Our figures

  • 33% reduction in water consumption and 6% saving for gas consumption thanks to the recycling of cooling water on dyeing machines in Saint-Etienne
  • 65% of waste recycled as a result of improved waste sorting and the quest to find waste recovery and re-use options
  • 50% reduction in electricity consumption thanks to a change of air handling unit at the dedicated knitting site in Saint-Etienne
  • 15% reduction in average energy consumption in 3 years thanks to the choice of less polluting vehicles for the Thuasne France fleet