Foam and Fluid gel cushion
Foam and Fluid gel cushion

Foam and Fluid gel cushion

Foam And Fluid Gel Cushion

Made up of a gel and highly resistant foam. Low to moderate pressure ulcer risk.

Key points
- Helps prevent pressure ulcers
: the upper gel layer moves with the body. Impermeable and breathable cover*.
- Comfortable: bimaterial cushion, fluid gel layer (thickness 1 cm) and highly resistant foam (34 kg/m3 for 4.5 cm thickness).
- Care: cushion can be disinfected using any regular agents, cover washable at 90°C.

Technical characteristics
Cushion (l x d x h): 40 x 40 x 5.5 cm.
Cushion weight: 1.9 kg.
Color: blue.
2 year warranty.

Braden score 14 to 17.
Pressure ulcer risk: LOW TO MODERATE.
Suitable for a user weighing 40 to 95 kg.

This medical device is for adults with reduced mobility and permanently sitting, with a Low to Moderate pressure ulcer risk.

Reference: W0470 003 001.

* See the manufacturer’s technical data sheet.