Lit Haydn G4
Lit Haydn G4
Lit Haydn G4
Lit Haydn G4
Lit Haydn G4
Lit Haydn G4
Lit Haydn G4

Lit Haydn G4

Haydn Bed G4

Column bed with external motor at the head and foot of the bed.

Key points
- 3 functions
: variable height, adjustable back rest, adjustable leg rest.
- Design: looks similar to a regular bed.
- Compact: dismantles into 4 parts (weight of each part: 22 kg at most).
- Easy to install: can be mounted quickly without tools by a single person*.
- Accessory: available with Milano wooden rails.
Lifting pole placed at an angle.
Compact SMPS transformer.

Thuasne beds and Milano wooden rails are compliant with applicable European standards.

Technical characteristics
- Column beds with motor at the head and foot of the bed, which provides for space under the bed.
- Cables attached to the frame so they cannot be pulled out. Reinforced main cord to prevent accidental cutting.
- 2-part electric adjustable leg rest: Part 2 tilts, can be adjusted manually to bend legs at the knees.

Bed (A: Length x B: width): 217 x 105 cm.
C - Height of panels from platform: 46 cm.
D - Min-max height of the platform with 100 mm wheels: 40/80 cm.
Bed base (E: Length x F: width): 200 x 94 cm.
Ground clearance: 35 cm.
Min-max mattress height with Milano rails: 12/18 cm.
Weight of the heaviest element: 22 kg.
Kit bed dimensions (length x width x height): 105 x 69 x 130 cm.
Color: light brown.

Maximum user weight: 135 kg.
Body mass index (BMI): > 17.
Maximum load (user, mattress and accessories): 170 kg.

2 year warranty for electric components and 5 year warranty for the frame, in normal conditions of use.

Reference: V2007 540 001.

* See the instructions for use.


Download the Instructions for Use
PDF - 0.86 Mo
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