MOBIDERM Autofit Socks
MOBIDERM Autofit Socks

MOBIDERM Autofit Socks

MOBIDERM Autofit Socks

The thigh-high Mobiderm Autofit stocking is intended for the treatment of lymphedema of the lower limb, of primary origin or post-cancer of the uro-genital area, with migration on the leg.

It is indicated at the end of the reduction phase of the edema, at the stabilization phase.

Mobiderm Autofit is particularly suitable for patients with dysmodia or progressive edema who wish to control their lymphedema autonomously.

Standard device, allowing fast delivery to patients requiring a device immediately.

Thigh-high, incorporating the Mobiderm device: close-up on the leg, small ground at the back of the foot.

Semi-open design: easy on / off!

Velcro fastener with several clamps: morphological adaptation. Double row of fasteners for optimized adjustment.

Adjustment marks: accuracy and control.

Sole with anti-slip pads.


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