Serena oval
Serena oval

Serena oval

Serena Oval 

Proven, full-weight restoration with lateral prolongation 



  • Long oval shape, symmetric
  • Available in 2 versions: round cavity 9301 or oval cavity 9311
  • Underarm extension to compensate for tissue defitics
  • Versatile in se: can be turned upwards for very large deficitis in the neckline area 


  • After breast surgery (mastectomy, breast-conserving surgery, breast reconstruction) and after full healing of the surgical wound and completed radiation therapy, Serena breast prostheses will give you a natural, cosmetically and visually harmonious appearance as well as a corresponding weight compensation.
  • Design and size depend on anatomical conditions.

  • Consistency, elasticity and behaviour in motion are very similar to the characteristics of the natural breast.   

  • All materials used have been tested for skin tolerance.

Eu sizes

  • Standard/B  1-13


  • Anatomical long oval, symmetrical
  • 1-layered

Item no.: 9301 - 9311