Silima® Soft & Light asymmetrical left
Silima® Soft & Light asymmetrical left

Silima® Soft & Light asymmetrical left

Soft asymmetric restoration with lateral prolongation reduced by 30% in weight.



  • Comfortable to wear thanks to 3-layer concept.
  • Up to 3ß% lighter than conventional gel epitheses.
  • Cup available in three volumes.
  • Corresponds to the softness of the natural breast.
  • Due to the asymmetrical shape with its lateral extension, the ideal fitting in case of tissue deficit in the armpit height after lymph node removal.


  • After breast surgery (mastectomy, breast-conserving surgery, breast reconstruction) and after full healing of the surgical wound and completed radiation therapy, Silima® breast protheses and Silima® compensation protheses will give you a natural, cosmetically and visually harmonious appearance as well as corresponding weight compensation.
  • Design and size depend on anatomical conditions.
  • Consistency, elasticity and behaviour in motion are very silimar to the characteristics of the natural breast.
  • All materials used have been tested for skin tolerance.


  • A 3 - 7, Standard/B 3 - 10.
  • Full/C 5 - 12.


  • Anatomical, asymmetrical.
  • 3-layer.

Art. no.: 66 368

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