Socks Elegance C1
Socks Elegance C1

Socks Elegance C1

Venoflex Socks Elegance C1

The semi-opaque range

Elegance combined with resistance* for this range of socks and stockings.
Available in long feet in the standard range.
Machine washable at 40°.

* Reinforced foot arch.


10-15 mmHg/Class 1:
Heavy legs.
Restless legs.
Evening oedema.
Telangiectasia or reticular veins (< 3 mm).
Prevention of functional disorders linked to the prolonged standing.
Prevention of venous thrombosis during long journeys.
Pregnancy and post-partum (prevention and treatment of minor chronic venous insufficiency and deep venous thrombosis prevention).
Orthostatic hypotension.

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