Tennis elbow Armband

Tennis elbow Armband

How it works: The Thuasne Sport Anti-Epicondylitis Brace provides support to the epicondyle through even compression. It is also suitable for joint effusion and swelling due to osteoarthritis and arthritis. Its two silicone inserts reduce tension at the elbow level. The pad containing the removable silicone insert can be positioned correctly on painful areas, and the compression can be adjusted using the tightening strap.

Indications: Treatment of lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) or medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow). Joint effusions and swelling due to osteoarthritis or arthritis.

Easy to use: Slip on the brace and place it below the elbow. Place the adjustable part (tightening strap + buckle) on the inside of the arm. Adjust the removable silicone insert to position it correctly on the painful area, then secure the strap with the hook and loop fastener. The product is ambidextrous (adapts to both wrists).

Size selection tips: Available in 2 sizes. Choose the appropriate brace for your forearm circumference using our size guide. Composition: polyamide, polyurethane, polyester, cotton, elastane, silicone.

Thuasne, medical expertise for sports: We have been designing products for athletes in Saint Etienne for over 80 years. As early as 1934, Suzanne Lenglen used our Neoplastex elastic headband! We continue our commitment to athletes by developing a range of innovative products to support their performance, prevent injuries and/or help them recover: orthotics, underwear, compression, sports care...

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