Using digital health tech to provide better care

"Our goal is to be close to patients, our end users. In addition to our medical devices, we want to offer digital solutions that will help them to manage their conditions and take control of their health.”
Olivier Carré, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Thuasne

A specialist in medical devices, Thuasne is recognized for the cutting-edge healthcare expertise it has developed over the 175 years since it was founded; a knowledge base that is constantly being enriched with new techniques and applications. By closely monitoring emerging technologies, the Group is able to design new digital solutions to optimize its processes and, ultimately, to offer better treatment for health conditions. This all-embracing approach to digitalization is delivering practical, lasting benefits for all healthcare stakeholders, with patients being the first in line.

The move to Industry 4.0 

Digitalization represents a strategic shift in the history of the Thuasne Group. Initiated several years ago, it is being carried out in a methodical way with genuine commitment. "We are working in all areas of the company at the same time," says Olivier Carré, the Group's Chief Information & Digital Officer. "That includes the administrative side of the business, as improving efficiency in this area will free up resources for more innovative projects, such as changes to our manufacturing processes.” In fact, a roadmap entitled Industrialization 4.0 has been drawn up already, comprising four pillars: paperless operation, automation, robotization, and data management.

An expanded range of services

The Group is also developing its range of services for patients with the launch in the United States, for example, of a measuring app for custom-made braces. "Digital technology enables us to develop tools that replace traditional ways of operating – and to offer complementary services as well," says Olivier Carré. This diversification also benefits healthcare professionals, as demonstrated by the launch in the US of the Thuasne Academy e-learning platform to train them in the use of the Group's medical devices.

Towards a paperless healthcare sector

Throughout its digital transformation, Thuasne is placing the priority on the customer relationship. The Group has set up an integrated services portal where customers can place orders, check stock availability, manage returns, etc. "The key is to adapt to changes in the market and the global healthcare ecosystem," says Olivier Carré. "In particular, we want to encourage the development of paperless healthcare systems and to engage with new players such as online pharmacies." 

In Germany, for example, some prescriptions have been paperless since January 2022 and are used to buy medical products online. For its part, Thuasne has moved into the e-commerce marketplace with the launch of a dozen online stores, including one in France dedicated to the sports product range. 

Giving patients control of their health

"Our aim is to be close to patients, our end users," says Olivier Carré. "In addition to our medical devices, we want to offer digital solutions that will help them to manage their conditions and take control of their health.” 

Digital technology opens up many other opportunities, particularly in the areas of prevention and connected products. The global transformation of the sector brought about by digital technology is only just beginning, and Thuasne intends to lead the way.