Lymphatrex Poly - Thorax

Lymphatrex Poly - Thorax

Lymphatrex Poly, Poly Strong & Fine

Made-to-measure patient flat knit compression garments


For which patients

Lymphatrex Poly, Poly Strong & Fine garments are intended for use in the treatment of lymphedema in maintenance phase following a reduction phase.

The range is recommended for patients presenting:

  • Moderate to severe lymphedema (1)
  • Non-regular limb shape with skin folds (1)
  • Spreading to fingers or toes (1)
  • Large limb circumference (1)


Principle of action

Containment: a short-stretch and robust technical knit allows Lymphatrex Poly, Poly Strong & Fine garments to apply a high working pressure and a low resting pressure on the limb. (2)



Fine: Only available for upper limbs

Poly: Available for upper and lower limbs

Poly Strong: Only available for lower limbs


Composition (3):

  • Fine: polyamide, tergal, elastane
  • Poly & Poly Strong: polyamide, elastane


Colors: beige, tanning beige (4), black

Compression Classes: Class 2 (23 – 32 mmHg), Class 3 (34 – 46 mmHg) (5)

RAL Certification



  • Anatomical adjustment, even at the most sensitive areas such as elbow folds or knee.
  • Flat seams.
  • Good fit and effective gradient compression
  • Breathability and fast drying for Poly and Poly strong



  • Large variety of options to adapt most of specific needs.
  • Large variety of models to adapt most of lymphedema localizations.



3 different materials with specific properties:

  • Fine, offers good tolerance for sensitive skins and helps maintaining skin temperature (7; 8) - ideal for elderly patients.
  • Poly, knitted from polyamide microfibers, offers softness and good thermoregulation (8) - ideal for more active patients.
  • Poly Strong, in addition to Poly properties, offers stronger compression and rigidity thanks to higher elastane content – ideal for severe lymphedemas.


(1) SFMV – Compression et lymphoedème du membre inférieur – Comité Interface Compression – March 2015 – Page 2

(2) SNITEM – Coupé - Compression et contention : quelles différences ? Historique et Innovation en Lymphologie – Dec 2015 – Page 4

(3) Please refer to the Instructions for Use of the product for the full list of components

(4) Only available in Poly and Poly Strong

(5) Class 3 only available in Poly Strong

(6) Please refer to the IFU and measurement forms for the options and models

(7) Thanks to Tergal and polyamide

(8) ETN 280 – Dossier Textile Polyamide – July Aug 2017 – Page 1



Lymphatrex Expert is CE marked according to the Regulation 2017/745 on medical devices.

This is a Class I medical device.

Please read carefully the instructions for use, indications and contraindications of the product.


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